My Essential Classroom Microbit Kit

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After a year of teaching with the BBC’s Microbit, I’ve learned what IMHO is the essential parts and pieces to use in teaching.

For pricing and ordering, I’m going to assume a class size of 10 so you can make adjustments from there. The parts list is based on the series of lessons I’ve developed and which are published here. Many of the parts are purchased from Sparkfun and Adafruit, both great suppliers of electronics because they have tutorials on everything they sell.

10 Microbits      $142

Half size breadboard   $40

Small Clip to Male breadboard cables   $48

Male to Male breadboard jumper cables  $8

4 Assorted LEDs $12

10 Servo Motors    $60

10 DC Motors   $20

10 pack Diodes  $2

10 Motor Driver IC  $26

10 pack Transistors    $2

10 Knobs      $10

Resistor Kit  $8

Bread:bit Breakout Board  $8

10 Speaker $17

10 Photoresistor  $9

RGB LED pack   $12

Total with shipping is around $450

You can also try ebay and Amazon, but watch out for “you’ll get what you pay for”. You can by preselected kits from Sparkfun and others, but this selection gives you more options to built.

There are many accessories you can also purchase especially with sensors kits and other Microbit accessories. I really like Sparkfun’s Weather:bit, Pimoroni Move robot, just to name a few.

Let me know what would be on your list.

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