Solderless Connections

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You makers out there might already know this, but this is something I just discovered today that I thought I’d pass along. I’ve been working on a project with a teacher here at PDS who is a marine biologist. Some students and I have been making a buoy that is solar powered, float in the water, collect data and transmit it over the cell network to a website. (More on this project to follow.)

In the making of the buoy, I had to purchase a bunch of various sized water proof heat shrink. In addition to regular heat shrink, I purchased this Solder Seal Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit.

I just tried it and its great! What you do is strip the two ends of the wire with wire strippers. Overlap the bare wires in the connector and have the center solder ring around the two bare wires. Apply heat from a heat gun, let it cool and done!

I don’t always like to have little kids soldering. So now I’ll have the little kids make wire connections with this stuff.

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