Brain Massager – V1

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Finally, I completed version 1 of my brain massager. It consists of 15 programmable 12mm vibration motors hot glued on to a BraiNet Placement Cap. The vibration motors are soldered and hot glued onto an Adafruit JST-PH 2-Pin SMT Right Angle Breakout Board which is then connected to a JST extension cable and hot glued onto the Brainet Cap.

The heart of the massager is an Adafruit Metro Mini Arduino processor. The JST extension cable is wired to a protoboard and wired to the Metro Mini.

In the early programming stage, there are sequences that vibrate one side of the brain then the other. Another sequence revolves around the scalp. And yet another vibrates the symmetrical points on either side of the scalp. I’m still experimenting with different sequences.

Version 2 is already underway using 21 motors and this time using an Adafruit Bluetooth Feather processor, so I can develop a smartphone interface.


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