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EarsAfterAll from Saurabh on Vimeo.

Here, in this project,a hearing post on the wall manifests itself as a literal ear (3d printed) which listens to when something is spoken in front of it. It then tries to find words that are relevant to itself. Here in this case it looks for words that are related to ears like “hearing”, “sounds” etc. It then goes on the internet(wikipedia and dictionaries) to find meaning and understanding of those words. As it does this , the observer sees the whole action on a side projection from it’s backend terminal soul. The way it records, listens finds and understands, everything is laid upfront from the terminal on the projection.

To represent the audience, a speaking post recites poems filled with words that are related to “hearing”, “sounds” etc.
It is composed of an Arduino nano, mp3 module, servo and speaker.

The ear itself is composed of a hacked TP link router running openWRT, usb sound card, microphone, ext root from micro-sd card, range finder, arduino nano and power module.

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