Sightings are samples of artists working with technology which I have found interesting. Please submit any other examples in the comment section.

SOUNDLIGHTER 2.0 from IZLAND on Vimeo.

Soundlighter is a perpetually self generative audiovisual installation focused on exploring the relationship between light and sound and their mutual influence in real time.
Based on the principles of cymatics and the visualisation of sound but also making a step further and synthesizing sound from a projected image using light reactive waveform synthesizers, ideated and developed especially for this project.
Using liquid as a medium for the visualization of sound waves which transform its surface into a dance of reflections and shadows, the resulting image is projected onto a curved mirror and in turn reflected onto a projection screen.
Behind the screen ,a total of one hundred and twenty photoresistors, divided into four sensor modules, stimulated by the changing ratios of light and shadow in the image, synthesize a waveform resulting into a realtime sound output. A speaker, placed underneath the container makes the sound waves act upon the surface of the liquid again, thus completing the repeating cycle of ever changing light and sound textures.
The complex relationship between image and sound creates an environment that is both based on the physicality of matter, but also transcends the reality of the physical space.
Once the visitor decides to enter the installation, he finds himself immersed in constantly changing surroundings, not knowing exactly how the process started, and what brought the system to the state that he or she is witnessing.
The visitor is left to his or her own curiosity, free to choose whether to remain a passive viewer or to take action and become a dominant participant. By physically influencing the amount of available light falling onto the light reactive synthesizers or stimulating them with an additional light source, the process can become much clearer, allowing the visitor to distinguish between the individual elements of the installation and momentarily alter its course only to let it return to its own ever-changing loop.

Our Time

Our Time – United Visual Artists 2016 from United Visual Artists on Vimeo.


Our Time (2016) is the latest large-scale installation by United Visual Artists investigating our subjective experience of the passing of time. How long is a moment? At what rate does time actually pass? The work joins a series of kinetic sculptures that began with Momentum (2013); an installation designed as a ‘spatial instrument’ that was to reveal the relationship between expectation and perception when intersected with a physical space.
Our Time defines a physical environment where pendulums swing at a pace apparently unhindered by the laws of nature and where no single time measurement applies. The installation combines movement, light and sound as a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional canvas the visitor can enter. Pendulums swing, each to their own rhythm, as time flows through the grid. With light tracing the path and sound its echo, the passing of time becomes almost palpable.

 Deep Web – Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke 

Deep Web is an installation using 12 high precision lasers and a matrix of 175 moving balloons to create a dramatic three dimensional sculpture of lines and dots floating in space above the audience. The choreography is synced to a musical score played back in 8 channel surround sound.

Deep Web has been developed for Fete des Lumieres in Lyon 2015. The event was cancelled after the IS attacks in Paris in November 2015. Deep Web was then premiered at CTM Festival Berlin in February 2016 instead.
Loop, 30 minutes. Lasers, Kinetic Lights moving elements, surround sound, fog.

Performance version: 60 minutes, controlled by the artists in real time.
Artistic Director: Christopher Bauder [link]
Sound design and music: Robert Henke
Visual patterns and movements: Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke
Touch Designer programing: Daniel Dalfovo
Kinetic light object: Christopher Bauder / WHITEvoid [link]
Laser control software & hardware: Michael Sollinger / LaserAnimation Sollinger [link]


Swamp Orchestra by Bojana Petkovic

Swamp orchestra is an interactive sound installation that creates a specific sound ecosystem and explores the realm of natural and artificial.

The installation is made of 16 light sensitive sound modules, where every one of them produces random noise. Each module responds to a flashlight and the sound varies from the quantity of the light.

These small modules make sound like many biological organisms, such as frogs, birds or insects. And like most of them, they need light to exist and to sing to their highest potential. They have certain patterns and repetitive processes which can be altered by external influence of the light.  more….


Swamp Orchestra from bojana petkovic on Vimeo.



Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine from Neil Mendoza on Vimeo.


The Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine is the ideal device for anyone that feels that their verbal communication needs a little extra kick.

The physical part of the piece consists of four bells of baritone horns, tubing, microphone, speakers, a mechanical foot and a projector. The software is written in openFrameworks.

When the software starts, it launches a web browser and creates a WebSocket connection to it. When someone starts speaking, the software sends a message to the browser to tell it to start speech recognition. Once the person finishes speaking, the browser sends words back as text back over the WebSocket connection. Each word is then added to a Box2D physics simulation as a series of rectangles linked together with springs. There’s a mesh for each letter and shadows are created in GLSL with a shadow map.

When a word is near the foot, the computer sends a message to an Arduino telling it to kick. The foot is actuated with a linear actuator driven by a Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield. There is also a foot polygon in the physics simulation. Every time the mechanical foot starts to kick, the virtual foot in the physics engine is animated with a timeline that has been matched to the actual movement of the mechanical foot.

The piece is on display at Young Projects Gallery in Los Angeles until August 19th.


This Artist Is Biohacking The Body To 3D-Print Fantastical Human Bones

From FastCoexists:

The Regenerative Reliquary project aims to find new ways to grow missing bones—or let people reshape their own.



An Interactive Pond of Computer-Generated Koi Fish Designed by teamLab

Life is a cycle.

We are dying from birth, reborn till death.
Direction: Kouhei Nakama (
Music: ” Shining Dawn” by Kai Engel (

CYCLE from Kouhei Nakama on Vimeo.

Creates a stunning 3D printed Zoetrope

Explore the relationship between time and movement.


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